A group benefits solution...

"The service provided by Ross Benefits Group has been exceptional."

- Frank W.

Build the right plan

You deserve a group benefits program that fits you like a tailormade suit.

Control your costs

You deserve a plan that is sustainable over the long term.

Get effortless admin

You deserve relief from your administration headaches.

Get best-in-class carrier coverage

Improve employee engagement with the right combination of coverage and services. Do you need a single class of coverage with traditional group benefits, or a multi-tiered configuration with a mix of traditional and specialty products? No problem. We have the relationships, tools, and expertise to meet your needs. Regardless of the number of carriers you choose, you will only ever have one interface to use and one bill to pay.

Get your data working for you

Hidden in your employee records and claims history is a wealth of actionable insight. Sadly this value is often untapped or underutilized. But analyzed effectively, your data can be used to proactively reveal how healthy your plan is and whether or not a mid-year change is worth considering. When a change needs to be made, your data is instrumental in showing the most effective way to update your plan.

We understand the value of your data. That's why our carrier partners securely upload claims data to us every month and why we maintain detailed employee records in our secure data warehouse. We pair your claims data with your eligiblity data to create actionable reporting and to independently audit your renewals.

Control your costs

One of the challenges in our industry is the ability to independently assess carrier rates. It’s hard to know how responsible your rates are at each renewal. Getting quotes from other carriers and applying marketing discounts has always been the tool of choice. But this is a disruptive approach that leads to volatile rates and budget frustrations. We solve this problem.

Be proactive

Make insightful decisions throughout the year, rather than being reactive at renewal time. By spotting trends early, together, we have the opportunity to adjust course mid-year and make proactive plan changes.

Trust your renewals

Gain confidence that your renewal rates are the right rates. Using industry underwriting calculations, we perform a fully independent renewal to audit the carrier and ensure responsible, sustainable rates.

Get expert support

We are an extension of your team

It's time to reduce your liability, eliminate your training costs, and enjoy peace of mind. As an extension of your team we provide support to your plan administrators and plan members. We act as a liaison to the carrier on issues requiring plan design knowledge and expertise. Because we partner with many insurance carriers on a wide array of products, we have knowledge and understanding that is hard to come by.

Count on real people

On its own, software is just software—but backed by problem-solving specialists, it’s a real solution. We bundle our in-house software with in-house specialists so that you get everything you need, in one unified experience.

Communicate in a way that's convenient

Choose between phone, email or online chat when interacting with one of our support experts (don't worry, you can still fax and mail as well).

Manage your employee data

By leveraging the power of Effortless Admin we provide you with the benchmark for online group benefits administration. Whether your benefits plan includes one carrier or five, you will only ever have one system to maintain.

Harness an elegant interface

The Effortless Admin interface isn’t just unified, it’s elegant. There’s no steep learning curve or time-consuming training, and you don’t need to pore over thick administration guides to get started. With Effortless Admin you get the easiest and most comprehensive platform on the market.

Eliminate duplicate effort

Do you log onto multiple carrier systems every time you need to process a change? Or do you wish you could utilize more than one carrier but find the work load prohibitive?

Eliminate redundancy and the risk of errors by entering your changes into our platform. Our system automatically communicates with all the relevant carriers and providers.

Effortless contract compliance

Employee data is managed through intuitive wizards that are quick and easy to use. Each wizard is governed by rules that help plan administrators safely manage employee data. Hundreds of rules exist to ensure that each change adheres to provincial laws and contract details. The result is a reduction in errors, training costs and liability.

Enroll once

Once enrolled with Ross Benefits Group, your employees never have to re-enroll. Carriers can be changed or specialty benefits can be added to your plan without the need for more paperwork.

Employee onboarding

Onboarding your employees onto our platform is as easy as 1, 2, 3… enrolled!


Export as much or as little data as you have into the Excel enrollment template.


Upload the Excel enrollment data into the Effortless Admin platform.


WIth the click of a button, invite your staff to complete their enrollments online.


Employees enroll in as little as 5 minutes using their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Effortless billings

Make changes to the end of the month

Say goodbye to payroll reconciliation, mid-month cut-offs, and working on someone else’s schedule. You can update your employee data right up to the last business day of the month.

Receive one bill

It doesn’t matter how simple things are or how complex they get, you’ll only receive one bill and make one payment… unless you want separate bills. Just ask. We can do that too ;)

Any format you desire

We pride ourselves in meeting your format needs - even pushing and pulling from your HRIS or payroll system.